Thursday, January 29, 2015

the letter link-up: dear refreshment

dear refreshment,

my first recollection of you was in a community room at catholic church.  on a wednesday after grade school.  i wore green as dark as parsley with a splash of lemon yellow. saddle shoes, knee socks, green beret.  your outfit: tan & cream colored stripes.  the scout leader passed you around tucked inside stiff paper towels.  crisp sandwiches of grams & cream cheese frosting.  the afternoon refreshment would sustained me till dinnertime.  the crunchy, creamy snack tasted like grace{unexpected}.

afternoon naps with a toddler, while growing another babe, recharged me for an evening of dinner and bedtime rituals & anticipated tantrums and battles of wills. 48 minutes of sleep for this baby-making mom renewed the patience required for tackling the evening menu while also being present for peter after his day out in the field and managing the diverse demands of both customers & employees.  the afternoon rest felt like grace{unexpected}.

an out-stretched hand holding a venti mint tea followed by a long embrace and shared tears in the wake of peter having another seizure.  the unexpected arrival of a life-long friend bearing hot tea & tissues to sit with me while waiting for the unknowns.  her small gestures of tea, prayers and physical presence revive my spirits otherwise overwhelmed by unanswered medical questions.  the unexpected visit looked like grace{unexpected}.

refreshment.  thank you for nourishing me.  given freely & unexpected.  you remind me there are people in my corner throwing confetti at my efforts.  your presence refreshes my confidence in God & His grace.  love & kindness given with no thought of self, just consideration of another.

refreshment.  teach me.  show me how to refresh those i encounter.  to offer sustenance to another soul weary & depleted.


this inspiration behind this post in a monthly letter link-up over at mr. thomas & me!   

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  1. this is just perfect. it makes me want tea with a side of graham crackers and all the naps in between. it makes me glad to have such a wonderful example of being refreshed and blessed and grace unexpected in thee.