Wednesday, November 26, 2014

thanksgiving table...

tomorrow we gather around the table.  celebrating thanksgiving. counting blessings. sharing food & drink & traditions.

this year we will gather at our daughter & son-in-law's home.  their first in their new home. we will share the meal around newly purchased linens covering the table he made when they moved in.

the table...crafted after the one in our kitchen.  hearty & farm-like. worn paint. glue & glitter reminding us of that one Christmas project gotten to out of hand.  scars from plates placed with little grace and too much gusto. weather-marked from glasses condensating on warm summer days or mugs resting to cool when filled with too-hot pumpkin lattes on fall evenings.  all there on the table blaring boldly.

but isn't that what giving thanks is about?  finding the grace & mercy only He can offer? remembering harsh, hard seasons that exhaust us?  giving thanks for the days rich with plenty, but laying gratitude wide open for those seasons which stretched our rigid hearts & weary tenacity, knowing they will eventually come to pass but His strength & perseverance are there to tide us over until they do.

we will hold hands and offer a simple prayer thanking God for those who prepared the meal. mashed potatoes & stuffing, cranberry sauce & gravy passed from hand to hand, reminding us how much we need one another.  sharing a meal & sharing lives.  neither living nor eating were meant to be done alone.

dear God.
i am full of gratitude for the many blessings you have given.
thank you for the table we gather around & all it represents.
thank you for the hands held tight,
and the prayers spoken reminding me You are always in the mix.

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