Thursday, October 9, 2014


sweet brown eyes,
you're made of sorrel skin and mahogany curls
Panda triple orange chicken with chow mien,
cabbage pushed aside
Clash of Clans-Axe body wash-"Who Let the Dogs Out".
Oreo milkshakes, more bacon please and "remember when me & dad..."
a charmer of dogs & sweet nephews living to great a distance from here.
you're made of sweat on hot summer days
in relentless pursuit of mastering a slam dunk.

you're made from biology that is unknown
but love that knows nothing but.
july 3rd waterpark adventures & bootleg fireworks.
santa at Christmas because of the joy in believing,
contempt for mashed potatoes-oatmeal-greek yogurt.
you're made of hand holding over dinner blessings,
bowls of popcorn by the fire on brisk winter nights.
flannel feejays for the holidays & snowboarding in spring.

you're made from a family of sarcasm,
self-effacing humor and chocolate chip pancakes.
not enough fruits & too few vegetables.
beat boxing & the comfort of a noise machine lulling your slumber.
you're made from the love of mom & legacy of dad
and a brother & sisters gently holding his memories for you,
each ready to teach you daddy's values & adventures & salty humor.
you're made from God and His perfect plan,
you're my hope, wrapped in flawless brown flesh. driven by energetic muscles.

happy dozen sweet brown eyes.

love you. xo


  1. deedah approved. you forgot that line.

    1. how did i forget deedah. it's right up there with chicken box & sput nugget!

  2. He really is pure joy and incredible blessing!!��

    1. Aunt Gwynno…He is the grace in the mess of my life! And of course the reminder that God is here & good & faithful. Love you my friend.