Tuesday, September 30, 2014

celebrating sixty-two...

dear pjm.

today is your birthday.  62.  my tendency is to gush with sad & sentimental, but that's not how you would want me to honor you on the anniversary of your birth!  so instead i will celebrate with a smudge of wistfulness and a whole lot of silly, just the way would would like a birthday served…along with a slice of homemade apple pie a la mode with ice cream! that was your favorite birthday cake.

i remember once when we were dating we had gone shopping with the girls for some type of sports apparel.  i was foul with you.  i despised being out in public with you…because of your outfit.  seriously.  you were wearing shorts & a t-shirt.  no big deal except for the fluffy red & blue ski jacket and house slippers you were sporting to polish off your fashion forward garb. what were you thinking walking out in public like that?  i was appalled but was too sweet {cue passive-aggressive} back then to ask snidely "what exactly is that assortment you are attempting to call an outfit.  until you fix it we are going nowhere-together".

so today instead of getting all squishy emotional for your birthday, i thought i would share a little fashion show starring none other than you!

shorty-shorts.  with deck shoes.  and trusty oakley shades.  that's an overabundance of thigh you are sharing with the world.  and exactly how is your "manhood" not exposed?

yep.  that's you on that lion fountain at the pool in hawaii.  in a speedo.  too much wrong with this picture.  and what was i thinking?  obviously, i was the woman behind the lens.

you thought i was kidding about the speedo. i wasn't.

halloween.  you loved dressing up.  this is what you wore to work halloween of 1990! you couldn't understand why no one would go to lunch with you.  hmmm, i wonder.  "Beetle Juice" was your a flick favorite-"it's showtime!" and "save that puppy for later" while pretending to spit in your jacket pocket were lines we heard often.

i would like to say this was halloween also, but it wasn't.  yep, just dinner at your parents. perhaps you should forget the smile and just keep those "teef" to yourself.  

and this?  onesies-those are for babies.  motorcycles-those are for men.  you have somehow crossed generational bridges.  i must also remind you that belt was a thrift store find and on the back it said "chuck". by the way, how many cows are you wearing? and that official stance.  it doesn't make you look any less foolish.

remember when you ran the local triathlon on amber's 18th birthday?  you wanted everyone to know it was her special day.  my guess? she would have preferred a card with some cash in it.  the aerodynamics of the helmet probably didn't work in your favor either.

we could call this project tang.  or orange you glad this is your date.  you didn't rent it. your purchased it & wore it a couple of times before i helped it find its way into the "give away" bag when you weren't looking.

as i laugh at each of these photos, i am reminded of your embarrassment factor.  you seldom avoided embarrassment.  perhaps that's what made you a success.  you were never concerned with what others would think.  you were so busy attempting to be awesome and a standout that others opinions just did not matter to you.  and while fashion was never an arena where you found success, your lack of concern about feeling foolish allowed you to achieve greatness in meaningful ways.

happy birthday fashionista!

love you.


  1. HAHA the speedo. What lovely memories and a great way to celebrate 62!

  2. Happy birthday to PJM! That orange number is impressive!

  3. haha this had me laughing but in the end I was in tears -- I hope overall today was a happy one!! Happy Birthday to your man! xo

  4. Peter definitely knew what not to wear !! Love his " don't care" attitude and sense of humor. Great lessons on how to live your life.
    Celebrating 62 with you-