Thursday, July 3, 2014

dear mune…{pronounce it like moon}

dear mune-

somehow may, you blended yourself into june without my awareness.  perhaps it was all of the celebrations between the two boys that distracted me.  celebrations of endings with anticipation & excitement about how the new season will unfold.

summer brings a schedule with so much flexibility which i tell myself & others i love.  but when i tuck myself in at night and bid farewell to another day, i struggle when days have little to show for themselves.  i long to tick off more items on my mental "to do" list then i actually did.  i yearn to measure a day in tasks accomplished instead of basking in the rest of warm days.  i am trying to shift my focus-work at resting instead of rest from working.  will you try it with me this summer?

i do have four little hooves hustling themselves around the backyard.  napoleon, the pig, squealed his way into our lives.  he gets along well with the chickens & my sweet blue eyed rex.  it makes home feel a homier & countrified.  and he has verified all of those pig sayings.  there is truth to everyone of them…squeal like a pig-its LOUD & attention grabbing. eats like a pig, pig-headed, happy as a pig in shit. napoleon has proven all of them to be fact. they aren't just some old saying repeated generation after generation.

and i randomly learned i have been wearing bobby pins incorrectly all these years.  did you know there is a top & a bottom to them?  the bumpy part is supposed to go against your scalp.  i never knew that-and now that i do, i still don't always put them in correctly.  my hair doesn't seem to care how i wear them.  it stays or doesn't regardless of how i install the pin.

and i found this blog that i love.  jessica has turned my summer into the season of the salad. couscous & quinoa give any salad more texture and add heartiness.  and there is something for making your own vinaigrette.  it's so simple-some oil, an acid like vinegar or juice and seasoning.  shake it in a mason jar.  the oil to acid ratio is 3:1.  i just eyeball it & tailor the dressing to match the salad ingredients.  she also salt & peppers her lettuce prior to adding in the balance of ingredients.  it seems to make a difference-call me crazy, but it does. really. and last, this recipe, sangria berry crumble, is easy & amazing.  i made it for dessert and there was not an oat or tidbit of fruit left.

and i have been busy reading-here are a few of the books i have completed
grace (eventually)  anne lamontt
the wild water walking club  claire cook
the fault in our stars john green
attachments rainbow rowell
and the book of jeremiah in the bible…it was a long read, got to be honest.  lots of wrath & unhappiness & nations not listening to God.  and it made me realize that's how life is.

and my pjm…just feeling quiet about him & me. i try and tell myself all of this is God's plan & timing.  somedays i believe it and others i don't.

and as i march myself along into july, i do it was lots of sunscreen.  i love the sunshine kissing my skin, but sometimes it leaves spots that my dermatologist likes so much he cuts them out and keeps them for himself.  so i slather myself up & seek more shade.

summer kisses!

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