Wednesday, April 9, 2014

anatomy of a promise.

the other morning at the gym, i gave a hearty hug to tony, pjm's old trainer.  this gentle, muscle-bound, superhero patiently workout with my pjm twice a week while i was given the privilege {and torture} of training with a girl i've known for years.

a few weeks ago tony learned his wife has cancer.  he struggles to focus on anything but his wife and her health and the HUGE ASS question marks in their future.  as you enter the gym, there is a poster with their wedding photo announcing a benefit golf tournament to help with medical expenses.

i said to him, "wedding promises are so easy to make but sometimes so messy to live".  i made promises twenty-seven years ago to honoring health, wealth and "happily every after". yes, there was also that snippet of sick, poor & death; but i was young & overjoyed by our love & above all an eternal optimist.  in my innocence, i trusted those gold bands we slipped on each other's fingers to hold powers of kryptonite warding off illness, infertility, infidelity and any other negative circumstances a marriage could encounter.

a promise is given life only when it is tested by harsh circumstances.  in the middle of this dementia-filled season, i have learned i am a promise keeper.

dear pjm.
i promised but i never expected for you to test my "keeping" abilities like this.
i wish you hadn't but my soul is content in knowing i am at your side,
even when you don't.
all my love-

dear God.
You are the Promisekeeper.
and Your word says You are always with me .
in the middle of this messy life,
You continue to provide me with what we need as a family.
thank you for the multitude of blessings in this season.

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