Monday, March 31, 2014

dear march...

dear march...

isn't there some proverb that says march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?
well, march you were a lamb all month long here in california.
i longed for a bit more roar out of you so i could snuggle
by the fire in my flannels awhile longer.
hate packing those up until next november, but you are begging for cotton pj pants & tshirts.

the month started off with scoot's {un}birthday celebration.  
did you know he was born on leap year day?  yep.  so he doesn't really have a birthday
and who taught my kids how to turn their birthdays into festival weekends?
 the best part?  i am included in the festival.
in the middle of the weekend was a visit from pjm's daughter.
there is something about gathering with family in the home he built for us.
in his absence, when we are gathered around that old farm table
sharing dinner & a meal, his presence is felt.
it's as if the more of us that gather, the more pieces of him are together
& the more it feels like we have not lost as much.
the definition of family is changing for us, not that it was ever a traditional definition,
but i am thankful for family that shares, loves & honors my pjm.

and our bit of march madness came early.
 sweet brown eyes was on the most amazing basketball team ever!
his first season playing basketball, and their record was 13-0
won the league championship-go warriors!
and another season of club soccer starts after spring break.

my "one little word"-nourish.
i truly want to honor that word in my life this year,
so the night before the san diego half marathon, amber & i decided to not run.
it fell on the first morning of the time change so we would be getting up at 3:45 am.
no thanks.
we ran here at home and nourished ourselves over breakfast at our favorite diner.
and we aren't training for the june marathon.  so there.  feels more nourishing.

and lent.  i have this small devotion book from naptime diaries.
i haven't miss a day yet.  i don't have a set "devotional" time.
i just tuck away for a bit, alone, and complete it...each day so far!
and it feeds my soul.  
please click on the link above.  jessi talks so openly about her precious family & faith.

and endless miles driven {but, not by me}.  and sweaty palmed introductions.
and emails followed by hand-written thank yous.
and more negations and clarifications.
and my boy has a job.  like his first step on the career ladder.
he finished college a quarter early &
landed a position with a consulting firm here in town...with benefits!
amen.  couldn't be more proud of that boy {man, actually.  he's 22 you know}.

and another birthday celebration!
am turned 25-quarter century baby!  wish i could cue some music here.
or even just a "bow-chicha-bow-wow".  say it in your head for me. please.
lunch date at our favorite place in old town with an evening of music at a local winery while listening to the band that played at their wedding...this was all on friday!
then on her actual day she hosted
an evening soiree with some couples & me and my fabulous date
tall-dark-handsome, sweet brown eyes!
the night was delightful and i left with a heart swollen in pride.
her entertaining in their new home.  that's my girl!

 the annual ski week in mammoth.  that's where pjm proposed to me.
those slopes will always hold a dear spot in my heart.
just me & my two boys & lots of fresh white powder.  that's not how spring skiing usually works.
delightful surprise to have two days of snow.
missed him & the way he could hockey stop on a dime.

and this month my eyes were glued to these pages...
chasing God by angie smith
on writing by stephen king
and i baked pans of these...a must try {except if you are on a diet}
sweet brown eyes begs for them & it's the perfect time to make them because the recipe calls for 
cadbury mini chocolate eggs-royal dark which are abound in the easter candy aisle!
loaded candy cookie bars-please, try them.  we do skip the white chocolate chips.
your scale will hate me for it.

thanks, march, for being a gentle lamb all month long.
i love gentle.  always.


  1. Love your honesty. Each time I read about pjm, I pray more for hope like yours. March, although usually magical, sucked for me this year. Rome for 3 weeks and coming home to a man who left our marriage, no bueno. But, you are inspiring to keep chugging along and having faith in the world. So, here's to you and the wonderful accomplishments/blessings in March. May April bring you many more!

    1. oh words can comfort THAT news. so sorry & you are correct-no bueno! but chugging along in our faith is the best, only option i see. hang in there and let's pray together that April is a month of seeing its blessings in the middle of the mess.