Thursday, February 13, 2014

when true love waits.

true love waits...
the bible teaches us that we are to remain sexual pure until marriage waiting for the partner God designed for us.
true love waits...
not just physically abstaining from sex until marriage but guarding our hearts for that one love God has planned for us.
true love waits...

i honestly cannot speak to true love waiting for marriage, because i didn't.  i never wore a ring or signed a card or learned from my church-going ma to wait.  she didn't wait, so why should i?

however, pjm & i taught our children to save "that" part for their wedding night-for their life partner.  we didn't teach it out of fear of having grandbabies before wedding celebrations.  we taught it as one of the many facets of living a christian lifestyle. hypocritical coming from parents that lived together prior to saying "we do"?  most likely, fact, bathed in hypocrisy.  just like my mouth that says words like "shit" and "asshole", but i am called to not speak with foolishness or filth.  or my despise for that neighbor who offended me and each time i pass by her home, my brain sends up a middle finger, yet i am called to love my neighbor.  and my infrequent church attendance because i feel so lost sitting alone in that sunday morning church service, yet i am called to honor the sabbath & meet regularly with my fellow christians.

and true love waits.
waits for my husband to be healed in heaven.  and my true love waiting is no different than another.  true love waits for babies in a season of too many negative pregnancy tests.  true love waits when a husband is unemployed for not the first, but the second time.  true love waits while for a mother-in-law to finally move our of your home so life can find is equilibrium.  true love waits for doctors to deliver life-altering test results.  true love while a marine is deployed to a dangerous & foreign land, and you are home raising babies-alone.   true love waits.

dear pjm-
true love waits...
in honor of vows taken on our wedding day.
true love waits....
and hold hands & trims your nails & shaves your handsome mug.
true love waits...
for a miracle from God, in spite of my sanctimonious, self-serving habits.
for you, my love, i wait.

dear God.
true love waits...
on me to quit saying "shit", "damn" and an occasional "wtf".
true love waits...
for me to get over myself and forgive that woman down the street, not for her sake but for my own.
true love waits...
for me to continue to seek & find You. even in a church on a sunday morning
true love...
doesn't abandon when live is messy. and hard.  in fact, it sits in the middle of this hard space & loves me deeper and matures me & strengthens me to press on.

true love waits.


  1. thanks debbie! and thank you too for following along on this journey of our lives. it is so funny to share life with people who never had the opportunity to meet pjm and his larger than life self. while his legacy will forever be the fabric that holds our family together, it is so odd to not have him to share {in a real, tangible way}.

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