Friday, January 31, 2014

dear january

dear january.
you have acted more like summer than winter,
and for a gal that loves warmth & sunshine-you have my heart.
you are the start of things new and sometimes new scares me.
like in my head, old & comfortable imply better.

and sweet brown eyes.
he dons a new buzz cut {like his idol KD} & a hyperextended knee
 leaving him on the sidelines of the basketball court & soccer field.
this energetic boy {and his mama} need his time of running wild & free.
but i did bask in the lack of practice four nights a week.
he learned to swallow a pill & finally has a handle on fifth grade.
brought home a report card...straight As baby and an "inconsistent" in staying focused.
don't all As, imply he is focused when he needs to be?  just sayin'.

running...lots of it.  accepted a "125 mile month" challenged.
nailed it...with two days to spare.
go #teamamazing!
am & i ran 119 of the miles together.
here we are with a cup of brew to celebrate!  we planned mile #125 to be at starbucks
then walked home & basked in our accomplishment!

and i took my pants back to yoga-like i wore them and took a class, again.
lithe is not something i will be accused of anytime soon-actually probably never. "one little word" for the year.
learning to tend to me which forces bold words & drawing boundaries.
i am working on "gentle bold"-often bold in my heart comes out as angry, hot words.
and angry-hot can incinerate.
it is like embracing someone while wearing a cactus costume-all prickly & painful.
i'm learning to using words that draw lines, yet nourish the relationship.

and here are some words i read this month...
{i am so much better at reading them then jotting them down}
a million little ways by emily freeman
bossypants by tina fay
weak & loved by emily cook
loved all three for very different reasons.
and a classic...catcher in the rye by  j.d. stalinger
never read any classics in high school-i was in the non-college bound english class.
i was inconsistent in not just staying focused but attending class in general.
yep. bad student redeemed.
but holden caulfield...he stole my heart & i wanted to give him the motherly love & guidance
he so longed for
and really, do high school boys honestly think & talk about sex that much?
note: this is a rhetorical question. please don't answer it, especially if the answer is yes!

and together sweet brown eyes & i read
a week in the woods by andrew clements
the carpenter's gift by david rubel

adieu january.
glad you had 31 days.

p.s.  how did zombies become so  in vogue?

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