Tuesday, November 12, 2013

one day...

i try to avoid these social media "events" because i place expectations on myself that are totally unreasonable and throw me into a whirl of comparisons which none of us truly needs.  but when Hollywood Housewife {who i love to follow...check her out} posted this last week, i was intrigued.

you see, i know 1,095 days from now the landscape of my average day will be very different than from today. amber & jason will have settled into their own homey little nest with perhaps a baby here or at least on the way, pjm jr. will be working his career path with his college graduation approaching next spring, and sweet brown eyes will be in eighth grade & most likely inches taller than me.  and then there is pjm...and it is just unthinkable he could continue to last another 1,095 days.  so, i will document an average day-just because it's average.  that's what wednesday will bring on my Instagram feed {cminegar}.  care to join me?  i will hashtag all photos for the day with #myonedaypjm as well as #OneDayHH.  what will your hashtag be?  let me know and i will follow along with you.  see y'all tomorrow.

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