Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 East...

i have been spending a couple of days a week this past month down in san diego.
at ucsd to be exact...the college where amber graduated from a few years ago.
i have furthered my education while i was there but don't have any
college units or a certificate to accounting for my time.

here is the view from the classroom i sit in on tuesdays & fridays.

a beautiful view of the city from 7 east:
senior+ behavioral +health= geriatric psy unit
sounds so much better when it's called senior behavioral health.
psy. unit {even when "old" is placed in front of it sounds, well, crazy}

i am not a student-i am a visitor.
pjm caused quite a stir at the memory care unit.
{i know we all love the intimate details-those truly are not important however}
meds needed to be adjusted.
a hospital setting was the safest place for this to occur.
march 22nd he was admitted even though he falls short of the "senior" age requirement by five years & 
prayerfully we are hoping he will be discharged back to the memory facility on friday.

each step on this journey reminds me life is precious-tragic-yet, full of hope & grace from God.
i know my story is sad & feels so undeserved.
but not anymore undeserved than a child with a life long disease with no cure.
the husband, sole provider, who loses his job due to corporate downsizing.
the parents who witness their child walk away from faith & family.

yes, this is an"E-ticket" adventure ride we as a family are on but pjm ALWAYS sought out adventure.
yes, it is against all odds that pjm should be where he is & his brain be so sick,
but he was a man that loved to beat the odds in his life & business & now in death.
i should expect nothing less from this charming, sweet man.

dear pjm.
you are a rascal & can still rock my world in all of your brokenness.
thanks for allowing the staff in 7 east witness our love & marriage even in all of the mess.
you are a Godly man.
 i love you.
your wife


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