Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the lighter side...

as a child i cried often-about everything-for no reason at all.  for reals.
spilt milk-sour milk-chocolate milk...all brought me to tears.
 i didn't know how to take or make a joke-and hated when i was the butt of one.

when i met pjm, he taught me to laugh, especially at myself.
to relish in being the butt.
our children have honed the art of laughing at their  missteps & mistakes-
they can all handle the butt with both grace & confidence.

and dementia has continued to tweak my humor-my ability to laugh at our broken life.

pjm has become a big fan of what our family has coined "double" days.
  double sock day.  gray athletic short sock meets tall white tube sock underneath.
a perfect understatement of color.
double cap day.  yep, two baseball caps  stacked upon his head like the book "caps for sale"
minus those annoying monkeys in the tree.
double collar day.  its like a pop-POP of not one but two collars.
who doesn't look good in layered polos.
double watch day.  one on each wrist-neither of which reflecting the correct time.
  this is my personal favorite as i view my watch as more of an accessory than a source of information.
that's what our cell phones are for-to tell us the exact time & date.
but the double that i found most fascinating, and perhaps even slightly inspirational,
was double denim day.
no you silly, not like a jean shirt + jean pants {how 90's would that be}...
but double denim pants day.  yep, you read it right.  
how the hell did this sweet demented man manage to get 2 {two-TWO} pairs of blue jeans on?
levi meets  lucky up close and personal.
i have skinny jeans-like so skinny i need plot my every calorie while wearing them-
and sodium is a definite NO-margarita are never on the skinny day menu!
i also have fat, feel like aunt flo is riding into town, bloated jeans.
but skinny would never fit underneath aunt flo.  not ever.
i wish i had a hidden camera in our closet to capture this dressing workout.
how did he convince the lucky's legs to remain at his ankles
while worming his way into levi. 

dear dementia.
i refuse to allow you to break me.
i will find joy  & laughter in the absurdness of you.

p.s.  in honor of pjm & knowing how to be the butt of a joke, today i too will wear double.
double cups.  sporty meets push-up.
take that you nasty disease-you will not break this girl.

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