Thursday, December 27, 2012

happy anniversary dear one.

good morning handsome-
look at us!  i was a babe of 23.  no wonder my mom was skeptical.  that and the fact that you were 34 & had two young daughters!  but we did it.  we beat the marriage odds.  statistics say our marriage was doomed from its inception.  a young college student meets an almost divorced dad in a bar &
 live happily ever after-even disney can't write this fairytale!

i long to talk with you & have you understand my words-thoughts-gamut of emotions,but you continue to slowly fad away a sliver at a time before our very eyes.  for better or worse, in sickness and in health .  i naively promised this to you 26 years ago.  i have learned to live those words these past few years & while i hate what this disease has done to you-us-our family, i  have never regretted making that commitment to stand by you in affliction & adversity.

  i am still certain i had signed up for the 50 year plan, but is seems our Father has a different design.
i realize to truly love is to be willing to let go.  i love you.  i miss you.  thank you for a beautiful family.

your devoted wife.

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