Friday, November 9, 2012

dear mrs. dmv...

dear mrs. dmv,
just a quick note to say thanks.
fortunately, we had an appointment
was it because it was monday-or are you that popular every day?

F049 window # 12.
you were beckoning us.  i had prepped peter in the car
he understood-surrender  CDL & acquire CID.
i explained our request & handed over the completed forms.
you looked at sweet broken husband & said "no more driving?"
his flat, emotionless reply, "she says no".
ouch.  that hurt.  technically, the doctor said no but i seem to be the fall guy.
please sign, date & write your phone number.
signature executed-nothing else.
  i assist in completing the missing information he cannot recall.
you begin to understand why we are standing at window #12.
your eyes, so gentle & compassionate.
the words, "he's so young" tumble from your mouth.
tears fill my eyes, knowing you are right-far too young in fact.
you take note of my sorrow & escort us to the front of the photo line.
as we depart, you wink & say to take care.

your kindness did not go unnoticed.
i am grateful we met at window #12.

tearful mama bird


  1. Sorry you had your heart break once again my friend but nice that God put that sweet angel in your path
    so you at least were able to carry on...and He always will.
    Love you tons~

  2. Chris, I didn't even know you had a blog. What a blessing it will be to so many others. It certainly will be to me! So beautifully written. You are such an inspiration-truly. Not everyone reacts as you have to such heartache. You make me want to be a better person! Keep writing!