Tuesday, September 25, 2012

not so lady like...

i got this card from a friend.
the cover is on the left & inside is on the right.
sums up lots.
and i am sure my mom is getting her ashes all fluffed up in her urn right about now.
i can hear her, "now chrissy, that is just not lady like behavior"
but i realize some days being a lady like mom wanted is overrated.
i am leaning toward raw honesty.
the odds of dementia in your fifties is like so tiny-or close to impossible.
it is almost like winning the lottery except we didn't even have to purchase a ticket.
{sorry again, mom}
family history-nope
drug use-no
chronic alcoholism-not that either
head injury/trauma-again, no
metabolic or hormone disorder-blood is perfect
brain tumor-MRIs come back showing a normal 59 year old brain
when i see God face-to-face,
is it okay to ask, "srsly God. wtf?"
He can't send me to hell
i do know that
on the quiet day when i asked Him to live in my heart.
He promised it was forever.
whether i was talking lady like or not.
p.s.  taget sells the card.
i purchased all they had here in my town. 

1 comment:

  1. You are so right that there are times that you just can't be so ladylike! But I do believe that God will share with you the reasons for why things unfolded in this manner. One being that you have shown so many people His love by your example in how you have handled the "SRSLY WTF" situation - with grace and humility and of course humor :)