Thursday, August 30, 2012

beautifully broken...

it has been a week.
a long and ugly week
the ugliest week ever...EVER {please, appreciate my shout}.
but at the end of today,
God has taken the sharp, painful, piercing edges of last friday
until till today, this thursday and made them beautiful.
remember to embrace the beauty of the brokenness.
i forgot this somewhere between july 2009 and
for that i a sorry,
but have been given another chance at

Saturday, August 4, 2012

tastes like hate...

i am one of those christian folks and have wrestled with this whole
chick-fil-a controversy.  here's my deal:

yes, the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman...but is also says no to divorce, no to premarital sex, no to over consumption of alcohol, no to working on the sabbath and no to lusting after your neighbor's wife, coveting his cool toys or just plan old hating him.

i lived with my husband while we engaged...and we were living in the "marital" kind of way if you get what i'm sayin'.  did i mention he was divorced and had two very young and innocent daughters?  yeah, i'm thinking God was not too happy with either of us back then.  it is so simple to be all judgmental as a christian.  in my head i have made this christian "winners circle"  of us folks that follow all of the "rules" God has set forth.  but here is the thing, eventually, something is going knock my judgemental christian goggles square off my face quicker than i can recite the books of the old testament which instantly demotes me to loser status.

but, if i sit without those uppity christian lenses and truly look at the souls around me, i realize they all are in need of grace, acceptance and God's unconditional love.

i am sorry it tastes like hate...and i can understand why.  above all things, God loves you and i am called to show you that love.  i am sorry my circle of "winners" have made you feel like a lifetime member to the losers circle.  my God is exceedingly disappointed in us.