Saturday, July 28, 2012

longest saturday...ever.

gonna get a little "church-y"...just a warning

i believe in God.  i believe He has a good and perfect plan.
i believe He allowed His very own son to die on a cross many years ago on a Friday to forgive my sins. 
i believe His son was resurrected two days later on what we celebrate as Easter Sunday.

i know the Bible is not a storybook or even a history book.
it is the word of God that is to guide me, right here in my simple life, thru my todays.

late at night in the comfort of my bed, i question God
you see, it seems His plan for my family is diametrically opposed to the plans we had for us.

how could we be sitting in the middle of God's perfect plan when peter remains sick?
i am sometimes convinced God forgot about us sitting in our sweet home with a bad case of Lyme.

i open my Bible to the book of luke and reread the resurrection story {i isn't Easter}
Jesus was hung on a cross, not because he had done anything wrong,
but because this was God's perfect plan to give us all eternal life
and Resurrection Sunday was two days later.
okay, so hear me out...
what were all the people and disciples doing on saturday-
that day between Jesus' death and his resurrection?

 i am certain lots of people were horrified, confused and questioning
God's perfect plan for His very own son. 
they had lost a dear friend and were hopeless on that saturday.
i lay in bed at night questioning God and our circumstances and to be brutally honest
i feel hopeless-how is good going to come of this God? 
but i force myself to remember...
in the middle of that saturday when all hope seem lost, when the disciples were without Jesus,
God was busy...busy preparing for Resurrection Sunday.

so in the middle of this season of our longest "saturday"...ever
i rekindle my hope, knowing God is doing His very best work in our family
and we too will make it to our own "sunday".

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  1. Just saw your beautiful and heartfelt words. So true your comparison and we have to believe that the end of your story will be glorious as well. You are so strong, patient and wise.

    Love you...