Monday, June 4, 2012

marathon of a day!

me and my precious baby bird!  she rocks!
so yesterday was the BIG day we have been training for.
26.2 {and how that .2 matters} miles of sweat, aches, smiles and lessons.

amber and i headed to san diego at a pitch black 3:26 am to run...
crazy i know especially given that the race didn't start until 6:15 am,
but that's how racedays happen-and the pre-race people watching is always entertaining.

but the reason for the post...i had lots of thinking time {3:58:11 hours worth to be exact}
my ipod failed me and i threw it {in anger} at a trash can in the gaslamp district
{i missed the can...i was NEVER good at sports}.

along my journey, i realized the run & lymes disease are somewhat parallel.  how so you ask?
  • having a best buddy on the journey makes it bearable
  • recognizing and tending to needs are essential in order to finish {water & "gu" you rocked my world yesterday}
  • having positive distractions help pass the time {thanks man with your running shorts up your butt-i bet he has an irritation rash like no other today}
  • i am stronger than i think...and "head" strength over physical strength is vital when it comes to truly going the distance
  • most people think i am crazy for running so far...but also admire me for pushing to the finishline...and would secretly like to know how i "do it"
  • the little things people offer do matter...i was never so grateful for the otter pop at mile 22!
  • smiles and hugs from family at the finish are priceless...cheers from random strangers are fabulous too
  • seeing the loops, turns and miles ahead are discouraging and left me wondering if i could truly "do it"...but i have the tenacity to not give up
  • when everything inside you says to stop {running or treatment}...God gives me wings to push on
  • the closer you get to the finish, the harder it is because you are weary and have so much time behind you...the last 6 miles were the same distance as the first six but took so much longer and were arduous  
  • when i cross the finishline...i realize all the pain, doubts, sweat were worth every joy-filled and pain-filled step
"let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us"
Hebrews 12:1

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