Friday, March 23, 2012

i'm late, i'm late...for a very important date!

my dear amber.

i didn't forget your birthday, i was just taking a page from your book and trying out late.
you were 17 {very long}days late 23 years {and 1 day}ago.
after a day of fits well.  i might try it more often!

you changed my heart {and body} forever on that early evening of your long awaited arrival.
in an attempt to regain that pre-baby figure, the two of us quickly became running partners.
yep-here you are on your very first run!

little did i know, this every other day routine we fell into would become a way of life for the two of us.

as you begin year 23, we are busy training for 26.2
thanks for being the best workout partner ever...
at the gym and on the road!

you are amazing & happy birthday,
mama bird

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