Saturday, February 4, 2012

january recap

So I made all of those lofty goals just 30 some odd days ago...things I would press toward this year.  I wondering if I have accomplished any of the objectives I proclaimed important in this 2012.

1.  Blog more..okay not so much.  7 of 31 days.

2.  Gracefully say what's on my mind.  I still stink at this...just ask J.  I called him a spoiled brat on Wednesday.  Zero grace and lacks specific ways he could correct his behavior. 

3.  Meatless Monday...yes I have been meat free every Monday in January!  But I realize I rely on heavily on dairy on these days and don't really know if that's any healthier than eating low fat meat.  I have developed a passion for cheese...that's not low fat {and it's animal fat-who doesn't love a fat animal?} therefore not healthy!  wow.  i suck...0-3 so far.

4.  Boston 2013...yep.  Just when you were going to pull the plug on me-I got this one on lock!  I have been upping the weekly mileage and my 18 week training program.  In June, I will rock and roll in San Diego.  Amber...thanks for the amazingly hill sprints Monday morning!

5.  Test recipes...two winners and one loser so far! 

6.  Date Peter...humph.  Not so much unless you call a date one that involves a third person with MD after his/her name and orders more labs-not a cocktail and dinner!  Oh Lyme' put a damper on this girl's parade!

7.  Kefir!  Oh Yes.  Anyone that would like some low fat kefir let me know.  I am producing a mason jarful every 24 hours.  Google it if you are wondering what i am talking about.  I do have to admit, it is a tad high maintenance

8.  Read the BFF is Job.  I will blog about him very soon.  He knows my heart.

9.  Yoga...nada.

10.  Amber's scrapbook...another negative.  But I did make two adorable t-shirts for Charlie...does that count?  Nope Chrissy-keep your eye on the prize.

11.  Got carwash?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions of driving to Rancho Carwash, but then it would cut things too close to my dentist appointment or the 10-day forecast predicts a 6% chance of showers tomorrow.  This can derail me in a nanosecond.  I am faint in spirit I realize.

12.  Amazing race they don't accept apps until Sept.  Need to write that in my day planner in black Marks A Lot! And we still have no video so basically I am a loser here as well.

I can say I am chiseling away at 4 of the are your resolutions working for you 1/12th in to the new year?


  1. You run Monday intervals. And you rock running them. You beat me.

  2. Just coming up with resolutions is one brave act let alone announcing it on the world wide web Chris Minegar!! Kudos just for that :) It seems you are keeping what is really the most important right now and what keeps you sane (running)and being in the word, so hold your head up high! Enjoy some kefir with Peter and say it is all good - BECAUSE YOU ARE SO GOOD~


  3. thanks for the love gywnne.

    monday intervals are the bomb amber...after we are home and they are done. i would like a photo of my face going up yesterday's hill. it had to be ugly.