Friday, February 3, 2012


Today is National Wear Red Day to bring awareness to women regarding heart disease...I am wearing red not just for the American Heart Association but also for my mom who passed away two years ago from a heart attack.

Did you know the heart is an amazing organ...

  • The average heart weighs less than a pound...a man's heart weighs a few more ounces than a woman's but neither tip the scale over a pound.
  • Your heart is made up of almost all muscle...which means it is strong enough to lift 3,000 pounds {that's more than the amazingly safe Ford Pinto I drove when I was 16}
  • If you could take the energy a beating heart creates daily, it would equal what is necessary to drive a pickup 20 miles!
  • The volume of blood your heart pumps in an average lifetime is equal to leaving your kitchen faucet on full blast...for 45 years!  {imagine THAT water bill}
  • Red wine truely is good for your heart.  Red grape skins contain antioxidants which decrease cholesterol.  Have a glass of Merlot!
  • And perhaps the most interesting fact {and I am blushing as I type this}.  Studies show having sex three times a week decreases the risk of a heart disease by 50%.  Skipping the gym and sleeping in isn't always a bad thing!
And check out this funny little video {on heart attacks-NOT sex!}  just a little heart attack

Pat yourself on the chest and have a healthy heartfelt day!

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