Friday, February 10, 2012

happy birthday mom!

dear mom-
so you would be 74 today!  just thought i should clear a few things up with you.

the bedroom on rincon avenue caught on fire-TWICE?
yep. i set those fires {both times}.  wooden tinker toys and tissues. 

three right turns = one left turn?
lefts are really not that scary.  we saw more of our little world this way however.

you would make us glittery cards...loved them!
the best part is the "made by" on the back.  even my children looked for that on the back!

all those make shift meals you made over the years. 
did we really have hot dogs and pineapple rings one Thanksgiving?  yes sir we did, but that was because sis had an ear infection which nixed going out for dinner {i still think she was exaggerating about the pain}.  stores were not open on holidays way back then so you improvised.  i still hate hot dogs.

that orange Reader's Digest "fit-it yourself" book that was your home repair Bible-your fear of lizards-your hankering for a firm foot rub complete with lotion {this disgusted me}-your love for ice cream & chocolate-your courage to leave our father when we were so tiny.

don't know if i ever said thanks for the BIGS and the littles...but the memories and laughter are still warm in my heart.   i miss you.  happy birthday.  hope you are celebrating today by sharing cheesecake with God.

love you-

p.s.  is it okay now to tell sis you really did love me more than her?

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  1. So that's where I got my love for an occasional hot dog from! Did she like mustard on them too?

    Oh gramcracker we will have a graham crackery feast in your honor this evening!

    So thankful for all her BIGS and littles that are BIGS and littles now for us!