Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29ers, leapserts, leaplings...

the title is dumb.  i know.
i didn't make it up.  i found it on the internet {jeremiah told me once to not believe everything i hear on tv or the internet-maybe this is one of those times}.
those are official titles you endowed to someone who has a birthday on feb. 29th.

two days old...
happy 5th {or 20th} birthday scooter...aka rally dog!
the odds of being born on this particular day are 1,461 to 1.
they add the extra day every four years to keep the celestial calendar in order-something about the earth's circle around the sun.  i am no astronomer but that's my understanding.

since our "cars" celebration for your 4th birthday-so much has changed.
you have made that transition from boy-kid-teen to carrying the role of "man" upon your shoulders.
while the past four years have provided lots of challenge with dad & his health,
it forced you to learned to find an equilibrium in pursuing your education while remaining a necessary force in our home.
college is supposed to be an egocentric season with minimal responsibilities & embracing the "college" lifestyle.

i have to find the "thanks" in this giving from God.  a reason-a blessing in fact-for a disease that is so hard to fight & has taken so much from one of ours.  perhaps a slice of blessing is it has given you perspective beyond your 20 years...keeping you grounded in faith & family.

wishing for cake with you today!
i promise to NEVER call you a leapster-29er-leapling.
happy birthday scoot.
i love you.

mom...aka chris

Monday, February 27, 2012

10 day challenge!

so amber is always coming up with these wild ideas {like in january we decided to go shop free for 30 days-not like no grocery shopping but no personal shopping-the credit card company called to make sure i was alive and well mid-january}.

so last friday was one of those days..."real eating" for 10 days.

what does that mean?  well, i am not an expert and i am sure there are flaws in my plan, but essentially we have pledged to eat only "real" foods for the next 10 days.  that means no chips-candy-bread-pasta-cereal.  you know, all those things that the grocery store offers that are already premade.  so day one and i have survived.  i did eat eggs with fresh spinach and an apple for lunch.  peter looked at me like i was an alien.  with all the green on my plate, maybe i was eating an alien.

tonight we had whole wheat naan {it is like a flat bread} which was the hearty side to go along with bean and wild rice soup simmered to perfection my cheery sunshine yellow dutch oven {remember...monday is also meatless}.  the soup was saute onions, garlic, carrots and celery.  add two cans of {organic} garbanzo beans and two diced tomatoes.  add 6 cups of {organic} chicken broth.  season with salt & pepper.  i added dried basil.  simmer for 30 minutes.

cook one cup of wild rice in a separate pot until tender {this takes about 40 minutes}.

remove three scoops of the veggies from the soup{or more based on the chunkiness you prefer to your soup}, emulsify the remainder-the beans make the broth so thick...almost makes it seem like a creme soup.

add back the scoops of veggies as well as the cooked rice...heat!

i am sure it would be delish with parmesan cheese on top-but not for the next ten days!

amber made creme of cauliflower soup...we are having a soup swap for lunch tomorrow!

Friday, February 10, 2012

happy birthday mom!

dear mom-
so you would be 74 today!  just thought i should clear a few things up with you.

the bedroom on rincon avenue caught on fire-TWICE?
yep. i set those fires {both times}.  wooden tinker toys and tissues. 

three right turns = one left turn?
lefts are really not that scary.  we saw more of our little world this way however.

you would make us glittery cards...loved them!
the best part is the "made by" on the back.  even my children looked for that on the back!

all those make shift meals you made over the years. 
did we really have hot dogs and pineapple rings one Thanksgiving?  yes sir we did, but that was because sis had an ear infection which nixed going out for dinner {i still think she was exaggerating about the pain}.  stores were not open on holidays way back then so you improvised.  i still hate hot dogs.

that orange Reader's Digest "fit-it yourself" book that was your home repair Bible-your fear of lizards-your hankering for a firm foot rub complete with lotion {this disgusted me}-your love for ice cream & chocolate-your courage to leave our father when we were so tiny.

don't know if i ever said thanks for the BIGS and the littles...but the memories and laughter are still warm in my heart.   i miss you.  happy birthday.  hope you are celebrating today by sharing cheesecake with God.

love you-

p.s.  is it okay now to tell sis you really did love me more than her?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dear brown eyed boy...

dear brown eyed boy-
we were mad at each other this morning.
you upset because i was washing the jersey you placed in the dirty laundry basket.
thanks for placing clothes in the basket...
BUT if they are not dirty, why oh why were they in the laundry basket?

me frustrated because i was just doing one of my "mothering" jobs.
you dug in your emotional heels.
i dug mine deeper because I was "right".
when my heels are stuck in my rightness i cannot hear beneath your words.

you love soccer.  you are passionate about arsenal.
your man is van persie.  you wanted him to enjoy third grade with you today.
i told you to let it go...wear IT tomorrow.
i continued to defend my laundrying schedule.

the jersey-laundry debate is not worth the distance.
 i want you to share your joys & upsets.
sorry my stubborn heels were dug in so far my ears couldn't hear your heart.

do you know how much i love those sweet brown eyes that call me mama?
they are priceless-just like you.

laundry grump

p.s.  tomorrow is trash day...
did you store anything in the trash compactor you will need later?
just askin'

Saturday, February 4, 2012

january recap

So I made all of those lofty goals just 30 some odd days ago...things I would press toward this year.  I wondering if I have accomplished any of the objectives I proclaimed important in this 2012.

1.  Blog more..okay not so much.  7 of 31 days.

2.  Gracefully say what's on my mind.  I still stink at this...just ask J.  I called him a spoiled brat on Wednesday.  Zero grace and lacks specific ways he could correct his behavior. 

3.  Meatless Monday...yes I have been meat free every Monday in January!  But I realize I rely on heavily on dairy on these days and don't really know if that's any healthier than eating low fat meat.  I have developed a passion for cheese...that's not low fat {and it's animal fat-who doesn't love a fat animal?} therefore not healthy!  wow.  i suck...0-3 so far.

4.  Boston 2013...yep.  Just when you were going to pull the plug on me-I got this one on lock!  I have been upping the weekly mileage and my 18 week training program.  In June, I will rock and roll in San Diego.  Amber...thanks for the amazingly hill sprints Monday morning!

5.  Test recipes...two winners and one loser so far! 

6.  Date Peter...humph.  Not so much unless you call a date one that involves a third person with MD after his/her name and orders more labs-not a cocktail and dinner!  Oh Lyme' put a damper on this girl's parade!

7.  Kefir!  Oh Yes.  Anyone that would like some low fat kefir let me know.  I am producing a mason jarful every 24 hours.  Google it if you are wondering what i am talking about.  I do have to admit, it is a tad high maintenance

8.  Read the BFF is Job.  I will blog about him very soon.  He knows my heart.

9.  Yoga...nada.

10.  Amber's scrapbook...another negative.  But I did make two adorable t-shirts for Charlie...does that count?  Nope Chrissy-keep your eye on the prize.

11.  Got carwash?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions of driving to Rancho Carwash, but then it would cut things too close to my dentist appointment or the 10-day forecast predicts a 6% chance of showers tomorrow.  This can derail me in a nanosecond.  I am faint in spirit I realize.

12.  Amazing race they don't accept apps until Sept.  Need to write that in my day planner in black Marks A Lot! And we still have no video so basically I am a loser here as well.

I can say I am chiseling away at 4 of the are your resolutions working for you 1/12th in to the new year?

Friday, February 3, 2012


Today is National Wear Red Day to bring awareness to women regarding heart disease...I am wearing red not just for the American Heart Association but also for my mom who passed away two years ago from a heart attack.

Did you know the heart is an amazing organ...

  • The average heart weighs less than a pound...a man's heart weighs a few more ounces than a woman's but neither tip the scale over a pound.
  • Your heart is made up of almost all muscle...which means it is strong enough to lift 3,000 pounds {that's more than the amazingly safe Ford Pinto I drove when I was 16}
  • If you could take the energy a beating heart creates daily, it would equal what is necessary to drive a pickup 20 miles!
  • The volume of blood your heart pumps in an average lifetime is equal to leaving your kitchen faucet on full blast...for 45 years!  {imagine THAT water bill}
  • Red wine truely is good for your heart.  Red grape skins contain antioxidants which decrease cholesterol.  Have a glass of Merlot!
  • And perhaps the most interesting fact {and I am blushing as I type this}.  Studies show having sex three times a week decreases the risk of a heart disease by 50%.  Skipping the gym and sleeping in isn't always a bad thing!
And check out this funny little video {on heart attacks-NOT sex!}  just a little heart attack

Pat yourself on the chest and have a healthy heartfelt day!