Sunday, January 29, 2012


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I will be the first to admit...I know very little about Pinterest except that it is like a personal virtual bulletin board.  I can wander around looking at other's ideas and "pin" the ones I covet onto my "bulletin board".  Please, all of you in" the know" correct me if I am wrong {and I likely am...}

Having the function of this virtual genius idea understood, I have one question.  Why, or why would anyone want to "follow" what I am "pinning"?  Perhaps this is a compliment that others want to know what I have tacked up on my board...a hodgepodge of  crafts-recipes-hairdos-outfits & home decor.  Honestly, this is highly embarrassing!  I struggle finding my own virtual bulletin board...yep, I am uncertain of where I have left all of those virtual riches I want to embrace as my own in hopes of making my life more beautiful.  All I have really done is created a virtual mess...and it's a public mess!  Oh's like having all my treasures thrown in my garage and leaving the door raised 24-7 for all to see how unorganized my life is!

To anyone who is "following" me...I am truly apologetic. I am not worthy of  following.  In fact, you could probably find what your looking for quicker all on your own...if not it may be wedged between the Christmas decorations and unicycle just past the dusty weight bench in the far left corner of my garage. And the door is open most weekends and weekday afternoons so come on take a gander whenever you'd like.

Just bein' honest!

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