Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my fig leaf...or leaves

i had a collision today.  right on the 56 freeway as peter & i were heading to his weekly appointment with his lymes doctor...a book i have been studying and sunday's lesson from church collided right there on the 56 freeway.  thankfully there was no damage to us, the people around us or any property. 

in genesis, adam & eve are cast out of the garden of eden for eating from the tree of good and evil.  satan entices them into indulging in the one thing God has forbidden them.  He has provided for their every need & want with one simple request; yet, satan seduces eve into tasting the fruit.  her actions along with adams passivity cause them to see their nakedness as embarrassing and shameful.

now for the collision...not an actual collision but an epiphany of sorts...the book one thousand gifts focuses on the importance of giving thanks in everything...in all things, in all circumstances.  adam & eve were not thankful.  they wanted more.  satan duped them into thinking they did not have enough.  i realize my ungratefulness in this ungrateful world parallels adam & eve back in the garden.  i can use adam & eve's demise as an excuse for my discontent-my critical, never satisfied eye-my self condemnation...my "fig leaf".  i realize; however, my defense mechanisms are only a shameful way to cover what i hope others do not see in me.  again, the collision...but who do i please man or God.  He has all knowing eyes.  He sees right through my "fig leaf" and he wants to provide for me just as he provided for adam & eve.  in genesis 3:21 "The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them".  you see, God provided for adam & eve in spite of their sin.  he sacrificed an animal and clothed them...i realized on that 56 freeway He is the same God today as he was back in that garden.  He has sacrificed for me...i must let go of my "fig leaf" and allow Him to provide & protect me.
what are your trying to hide with your fig leaf?


  1. Dad looks soooo good in that fig leaf.

    Just kidding, but really Uncle Phil is going to be embarrassed.
    I love it. It's perfect.

  2. just an fyi...i do not know this man. just a random funny photo that i found on the internet. hope he made you giggle!

  3. EXCELLENT POST! Have you thought about the ministry as another career path? Your analogies are so clever and insightful....this is why you don't sleep at night!


  4. that is too funny! I love your blog...I met your simply sweet daughter on Twitter and she told me about you :) I told her your names remind me of Wicked and we hit it off from there...lots in common.
    You write so beautifully and we are all the better for having read it. Glad you are all OK and that it wasn't a bad accident...I had a little fender bender myself this past year (yep, my fault...sheesh).
    Have a great day-
    Kristen (a new follower)

  5. gwynne...my most dedicated follower and supporter. i must turn lymes into lyme-ade! therefore I will grow and learn in Christ {somedays kicking & screaming}

    kristen. thanks for stopping by. and i love your name. i, too, have three but they are not all in my nest anymore which is a good thing as two have grown and flown with such beauty and grace. thanks for the love.

    p.s. funny you mention wicked. did amber tell you we have seen it{twice}. just love that play.