Monday, May 9, 2011

His plans...

so i was regretting mother's day...
it reminds me my mom has passed away.
my heart was sad because scooter was not coming home
he had come home & celebrated with me a week prior.
there were no real plans for the day and i was okay with that.

the agenda unfolded...
church-zoo with jason & amber-dinner on the way home.
that seemed a fine way to spend the day.

but then ams texted me on our way to the zoo...
jason's family invited us to join them for a lasagna dinner.
only because i didn't have a valid reason for saying "no",
i said yes. this wasn't how i had dreamed of spending mother's day.
i would never have planned the day this way.

we hadn't even met some of the people who were going to be at dinner.
after a full day at the zoo, jeremiah's behavior can be a crap shoot.
and...did i mention yet, scooter wasn't home?
i did not want to go...

but we went.
and i could not have been more delighted!
a warm, loving, gathering of people.
i was blessed to be sitting with my daughter's future family
laughing over lasagna & garlic bread.
jeremiah charmed jason's "miga" {grandma}

it reminds me...i love to make plans
i often forget to run my agenda by God.
may 8th i had no agenda-no plans-no expectations.
the day was perfectly planned by God.
He knew just what this "missing my mom-wishing all my birdies were in my nest"
mama bird's heart needed.

i must remember this every day...He is there to plan my day,
but i must set aside my agenda-plans-expectations.
His way is always better than my way...i must trust...he promises.

"for i know the plans I have for you declares the Lord"
jeremiah 29:11

{this photo has nothing to do with mother's is the most recent photo of
me & the 3 precious souls God has trusted me with joined by peter & jason}


  1. So glad it all worked out! Amazing what our Father can do for us, and such a blessing to prepare the families to become one.

    I was also very nervous joining the two families when we got married, and now I can't imagine them apart on joint celebration days x