Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so long la jolla...

yep.  after three years the time has come.
we must together bid you so long la jolla.

ams and i ran the la jolla half for the third time earlier this month.
it is the hilliest half we have ever run...
even hillier than san francisco
{oh my gravy, how could that be?}

each year while we dine on tacos after the race at fidels,
we promise-stipulate-swear-vow
we will NEVER run that half marathon again.

welp...la jolla...this year we are serious!
you will miss this most precious mother-daughter-matching duo
next year will be a very sad year for you.
you can beg-plead-desire-petition....but nope.
we are sleeping in...we will not be running your race again...EVER.

cheerio la jolla.

p.s.  thanks for the pretzel bag!  the best part about the day...
except of course for lunch with ams and jason at fidels.

p.p.s.  your race "rent a cops" took their jobs WAY too seriously.
we were running because we wanted to...not because we needed to.
we are all respectable-upstanding citizens...not criminals.
you need to relax-chill-calm yourselves.

p.p.p.s.  you do have the best bounty of fresh sliced oranges.
this is endearing but not redeeming.

so long-so not sorry!


  1. CONGRATS on doing the race for 3 years and even bigger CONGRATS for having the courage to say goodbye and let it go:)

  2. oh thanks caley-jade. love to run and if it isn't a fun run, then it is time to find another!

  3. Hehe, I remember you complaining last year about the hills! Glad you survived!