Wednesday, March 23, 2011

mama, are you afraid?

brown eyes wanting reassurance that it will all work out.
i say daddy will be just fine my sweet boy...very soon.
i remind him of our God and his greatness.

{but my heart and head beg the same question...daily}

fear.  it riddles my heart.  it steals my joy.  it robs me of quiet.
it blinds me to the blessings-joy-peace God has to give me moment by moment

i have learned to backtalk.
i refuse to listen-hold my ground-dig in my heels.
i will overcome you fear.  my God is greater than you.

i will step out in faith knowing God's precious plan is unfolding.
i will continue to do what is right not because it "feels" right
if i was waiting for it to feel right, i would be paralyzed.
but God has called me to be courageous
and more than anything...i want to honor God and not my fears.


  1. It is okay to be afraid my friend. God knows your fears,worries,the anxiety of the unknown....and on and on it goes. But you are doing all that is humanly possibly (key word: HUMANLY) and He will not forsake you!! You are honoring our Father - it shows by your actions and life every day even when you can't see it or feel it:) Such a beautiful example to Jeremiah and the flock. Prayers for peace sweet Chris ~
    love you

  2. Your strength is amazing and admirable. Dana kind of let me in on what you are going through, and my heart aches. Fear is okay-- necessary almost, so long that we remember (and you obviously do) that God is in control and that faith will carry you through tough times. Such things are put in our path only to strengthen us, right? May you find the peace you need to overcome this trial.

  3. lauren. thanks for the look and the love. yep, it has been a challenging couple of years. there seems to be the mental wax and wane of goodness and fear. when it overflows into jeremiah it makes my heart sad and question the purpose of it in his young eyes. i know we will make it thru but having a timeline would be SO helpful.

    love always my sweet gwynne!