Sunday, March 6, 2011

always coming up short

Recently a dad told me he and his wife were "competitive parents". I asked for clarification and he explained it something like they compare their child to others. I had the distinct feel he was competing to have the "best" child and he was a little disappointed his child hadn't mastered a certain skill that children of his same age seemed to have already mastered.

I didn't quite know what to say at the time, but a day later and after a quiet run alone, I realized something.

Whenever we compare-be it our children, homes, husbands, financial status, bodies {or lack of}-we will always come up short. When I compare myself to others, I am taking all of my insides {faults-shortcomings-bad habits-brokenness-anxieties-worries} and compare them to that person's beautiful outsides. I don't know their trials, unhealthy habits, or the cross he or she has been called to bear. I will always come up short when I decided to compare myself to another.

Each of us is uniquely made and God has blessed us with certain gifts and talents. And if, just if God did make any two of me {even though He doesn't}, I just know He has a precise method to ways and would not place two of me in the same town-state-country.

Today {actually tomorrow-it's almost 10:00 pm and I am in the comfort of my bed and flannel pjs}, I will celebrate an incomparable-unique-outstanding me!

And our children too are unique and made by God.


  1. Definitely a great thing to read as i start my day.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Love from SLO


  2. glad it touched your sweet soul on a day that you needed it! love from the 92592. can't wait for springbreak to be here!