Thursday, February 24, 2011

so all of my eggs ARE in one basket...

someone famous once said...don't put all you're eggs in one basket.
i am sure it was a farmer..perhaps john deere-we love him here in our home.

but i have...all my eggs are in one basket
a beautiful basket-but just one.

it contains a practical solution for a substantial problem
it contains hope for a future
it provides grace. it provides faith.

the basket is filled and refilled each tuesday
i bake cookies-brownies-cupcakes
in exchange i get hope-faith-healing-provision

we visit the dr. on tuesdays and i bake fresh goods
it is what i am good at. it is how i can serve
those who are practically providing me with hope-faith-healing

peter receives infusions from me wednesday-monday
i am a wife-mom-friend-sister-teacher...but i am willing
i am learning how to be a nurse

my eggs are all in one basket...
but i don't carry the basket alone.

i have a God gentle and humble in heart
and he will provide rest for my soul.

p.s. the lime (lyme) green bag next to the is for the "trash" we must return to the dr. each week...the bag says "hope". will you hope with me-please do.


  1. I will be more than happy to hope for you and Peter that Lyme's will soon be a thing of the past! I will hope that God continues to give you the strength to carry on and remember He is with you every step of this too.

  2. gwynn-o, thanks for all the blog love. each day is an adventure and a challenge. and i am so SO looking forward to the end of this tunnel. and having a glass...or do i mean bottle{?} of wine with you to celebrate!